What's crowdfunding?


What's Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a way to store and transfer funds, via the Internet, without a trusted third party. To achieve this, Bitcoin uses a list of all transactions completed called a 'blockchain' which is distributed on servers all accross the world.

To understand Bitcoin's operating principles you are invited to check the explanation page on E-mProvement : "What's Bitcoin ?". You can also check the presentation of Bitcoin's growth indicators.

How does Mubiz work ?

Mubiz registers, checks and introduces its users' submitted projects. Mubiz then publishes a Bitcoin's public address dedicated to the project's fundraising. When the project's imparted time is up, if it managed to raise enough to meet its goal, the funds are transfered to the project manager at each step of its realisation. If the project failed to raise enough to meet its goal, the money collected is transfered back to the public address of its backers.

Thus all of Mubiz's operations are public and auditable on Bitcoin's blockchain.




How much does signing up to Mubiz costs?

Signing up and using Mubiz as a backer is free of charge.

How much does signing up to Mubiz costs?

Signing up and using Mubiz as a backer is free of charge.

How much does signing up to Mubiz costs?

Signing up and using Mubiz as a backer is free of charge.



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Who checks the user submitted projects?

Mubiz garantees the ethics of each approved projects. Projects non-compliant with the ethic rules implemented are either directed to specialized plateforms (adult content, etc), or rejected. Mubiz reserves at all time the possibility to stop the display or funding of a project that would not meet the agreed upon objective.

Who stores the bitcoins during the fundraising?

Upon a project's publishment, Mubiz generates a Bitcoin address dedicated to the project's fundraising campaign. The private key is stored by Mubiz throughout the time it takes for the backers to fund the project. Gathered funds are then transfered to the project manager in accordance with the schedule implemented at the time of publishing.

Who garantees the reimbursment in case the fundraising fails?

If the project does not meet its goal, Mubiz reimburses the public addresses of the funds already collected. If the backer says so upon contributing to the project another public address could be used to receive the reimbursment or the funds could be transfered to another project.

Is there a garantee in case the project fails?

Mubiz does not garantee the success of published projects. To mitigate risks the funds are transfered at each of the steps defined in the project. Unused project funds are reimbursed if the project does come to fruition.

Is there a garantee of rewards ?

As of now Mubiz does not garantee the rewards.

Steps are being taken to be able, for some projects, to garantee the rewards. If no special mention is present of the project's page, rewards are purely honor-bound engagements taken by the project manager
Backers are invited to consider the risks related to the fact that the project manager might not deliver on its promises.

How much does using Mubiz costs?

For the crowdfunding phase, Mubiz uses exclusively uses the Bitcoin network. It allows Mubiz to have a fee rate much lower than other main crowdfunding plateforms. The rates are :
-> 5%, if the project meets its goal.
-> Free if the project fails to meet its goal.

The fees linked to the use of the Bitcoin network (typically 0,01 euros per transaction) fall to the emmiter of the transaction.

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